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New Patients at SpinePro Chiropractic

From the moment you step foot into our practice, you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile—we want you to feel like you’re with friends. Our modern, clean, and high-energy practice is sure to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to getting your health under control, naturally.

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Your First Visit

On your first visit with us at SpinePro Chiropractic, you’ll meet with our chiropractor Pieter. He’ll begin by going over your experience with chiropractic. He explains our approach to care, and helps you understand what to expect. The next step is to see how we can help you.

Starting with the health history, we focus on what made you decide to come to our practice today. Next, Pieter will do a physical assessment including

  • Range of motion of the spine and extremities (everything away from the spine)
  • Segmental motion, mobility, stability, and integrity of the whole spine
  • Shoulder and scapula motion and function
  • Muscle strength, weakness, tone, tightness—and painful spots
  • Postural distortion patterns

Based on your current concern, trauma history, lifestyle habits, activity level, and age, you’ll receive our recommendations for care. Exercise, tips, and general advice are also given to help you achieve your desired outcome. In most cases, care will start immediately.*

Immediate Therapy

With your consent, we’ll start with physical therapy to get you moving and feeling better. Some protocols that may be included are

  • Spine and pelvis adjustment
  • Ribs, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and foot adjustment
  • Posterior chain massage and stimulation
  • Muscle stretches, release techniques, and trigger point therapy
  • Theragun muscle release techniques
  • Spine mobilisations
For sports and rehabilitation cases, we may add taping techniques, fascial release (instrument assisted), and compression therapy for pre-game/event performance and post game/event recovery.

Your Responsibility

We’re here to help you feel better and get the most out of life. We’ll do our best to meet your needs and expectations, but understand, this process requires teamwork.

Your role is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, be disciplined, stay consistent, and be proactive. Having a plan, following the recommendations and advice, being motivated, and taking action, is the path to achieving your desired health outcome.

*If you have had significant trauma, serious diseases such as cancer, a history of taking medications, or other issues where we may risk injuring you, we will refer you out for further diagnostic testing or imaging. Once your physician gives us the approval to move forward, we’ll proceed with your care plan.

Book Your Visit Today

We’d love to welcome you into our care. If you’re interested in learning more about how focused, natural chiropractic care can help you immediately, contact us for an appointment.


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