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Shoulder Pain Relief in Serangoon

back view of neck painShoulder discomfort can stem from a myriad of reasons. Frequently observed causes include ailments like rotator cuff damage, tendonitis, bursitis, labral tears, dislocation or subluxation of the shoulder, impingement syndrome, arthritis, and frozen shoulder.

Muscle sprains or ruptures are also prevalent sources of shoulder discomfort. Improper posture or unsuitable body movements while lifting, bearing, or executing repetitive tasks can further escalate shoulder discomfort.

One crucial aspect to be vigilant about is the range of motion. Questions like how far the shoulder can move, whether it can move halfway or just a quarter, when does the pain commence, if there’s a pinch at 90 degrees, if the shoulder can move forward but not backward, or if the pain disrupts your sleep, need to be addressed.

Our Healing Methodology

Many of these cases fall under the umbrella of impingement syndrome. SpinePro Chiropractic has witnessed significant success in treating such conditions through a blend of:

Spinal adjustments – these can help with shoulder impingement syndrome by restoring proper alignment and reducing pressure on the nerves and structures surrounding the shoulder joint.

Restoring Proper mobility and movement to the thoracic spine, neck and shoulder blades is essential for healthy shoulders

Shoulder capsule releases – these releases involve stretching and mobilising the shoulder capsule to improve range of motion and relieve impingement, allowing for better shoulder mechanics and reduced pain.

Kinesiology tape - when applied correctly by a trained professional like Dr Pieter, this special tape can help with shoulder impingement syndrome by providing support, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation in the affected area.

Rehab exercises for home – prescribed by Dr Pieter, these exercises can play a crucial role in managing shoulder impingement syndrome by strengthening the muscles around the shoulder joint, improving stability, and promoting proper movement patterns, ultimately reducing pain and improving function.

Expected Timeline for Results

Results typically start appearing between 4 and 6 sessions, depending on factors such as age, activity level, lifestyle, and severity of the condition. Depending on the nature of the problem it can be from weeks to months.

If the shoulder pain is due to a severe fall, trauma, or persistent for a long duration (10 to 20 years), then additional complications need to be ruled out. Conditions like extensive degeneration problems or calcified ligaments may take longer to treat. The first step, however, is to let us evaluate how we can assist you.

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