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Special Offers and Packages at SpinePro Chiropractic

Achieve your true health potential with these fantastic offers and packages at SpinePro Chiropractic!

Optimise Your Body’s Function With Chiropractic Care

Specific, natural and effective chiropractic adjustments are designed to restore balance and function to your nervous system, helping your body work as it was designed to.

By purchasing a package of chiropractic sessions, you can save money on your care, and also enjoy convenient, streamlined visits. Purchasing a set number of sessions also helps in holding you accountable on your health journey.

Chiropractic Care Packages

6 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Start your health journey with a package of 6 Standard Chiropractic Sessions.


Pay for 5 Get 1 Free

(Sessions not shareable)

10 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Commitment to your own health with a package of 10 Standard Chiropractic Sessions.


Pay for 8 Get 2 Free

(Sessions can be shared)

20 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Stay accountable on your health journey with a package of 20 Standard Chiropractic Sessions.


Pay for 15 Get 5 Free

(Sessions can be shared)

Family Chiropractic Care Package

40 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Family Chiropractic Care plan with 40 Standard Chiropractic Sessions to share with loved ones.


Pay for 28 Get 12 Free

All Package Care are Valid for 12 Months from the date the care plan purchased.

Sports Chiropractic Care Package

Improve Circulation & More With Compression Therapy

Compression therapy utilises inflatable sleeves that apply pressure to the arms, hips or legs. This therapy aims to boost blood flow and decrease inflammation, swelling and soreness.

When you purchase a package of compression sessions, you’ll save money on this effective therapy, and your appointments will be more convenient.

Compression Therapy Packages

6 Compression Sessions


Pay for 5 Get 1 additional session Free

10 Compression Sessions


Pay for 8 Get 2 additional session Free

20 Compression Sessions


Pay for 15 Get 5 additional sessions Free

General T&Cs

Individual promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion and are not suitable or redeemable for cash. Additional treatment may be recommended at an additional cost. Any cost or treatment will be discussed with you before being carried out. Prices are subject to change.

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